Episode 7 – Christophe Mallet | Dec, 15, 2023

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Episode 7 – Christophe Mallet | Dec, 15, 2023


Christophe Mallet

Episode 7 – Christophe Mallet | Dec, 15, 2023

In this episode, Conor McNally introduces his SBS Sport colleague Christophe Mallet, who is also executive producer for SBS French. Christophe, a proud Frenchman, shares his upbringing in a country deeply rooted in car culture. They have also showcased their motorsport achievements, which played a significant role in fostering national pride.

Christophe's family background further adds to this passion as his grandfather played a vital role in Renault's turbo era of Formula 1. Despite now calling Australia home, Christophe's love for cars and Formula 1 remains unwavering. Conor invites him as a guest to discuss their shared fascination with automobiles, making for an engaging and informative conversation in this episode.

Listen to the SBS Cycling Podcast, hosted by Christophe HERE

A huge thank you to Christophe for supplying the photos of his grandfather's Alpine, which he proudly owned back in the day.