About the Show

The Motor Dream Podcast delves into an age-long question that every car and motorsport enthusiast has - what cars they would like to have in their own dream garage, if they had the budget and bank balance to afford it!

Motorsport writer and TV producer Conor McNally engages in captivating conversations with drivers, riders, mechanics, team principals, and even esteemed members of the media, in the quest to uncover the ultimate dream garage.

Our story begins with you, just an ordinary person going about your day. But everything changes when you receive a mysterious message on your phone. Curiosity piqued, you open your banking app only to find that you've become a billionaire overnight, an 'Elon Musk' type billionaire.

Suddenly, an email appears in your inbox, bearing the signature of a secretive benefactor. They reveal that you have the power to acquire any vehicle, whether it's a blazing-fast supercar, a sleek motorcycle, or even a motoring classic. But there's a catch—you're allowed only three in your dream garage.

Join us as we embark on a journey with the people who are passionate about motoring. Each episode of the Motor Dream Podcast will take you on a thrilling ride, exploring the stories of unique individuals who openly share their motoring journeys, as well as a light hearted, fun conversation of what their dream garage would be.

Written, edited, hosted and produced by Conor McNally
Opening and closing theme - Pro Podcast Production
Podcast Artwork - Damien Quinn
Acknowledgement to Country - Adam Connelly (Appears courtesy of Radio 5MU)
Website development - Michael Carton

Special thanks - Catherine Whelan and Ken Shipp (SBS Sport), Trevor Long (EFTM), Rachel Corbett (Podschool.com.au) and Katrina Sammut.

The Motor Dream Podcast is recorded on Wallumedegal land of the Eora Nation and pays its respects to Elders past, present and emerging. It always was and always will the lands of the First Nations of Australia.