Episode 14 – Laura Brown | March 22, 2024

Laura 5

Episode 14 – Laura Brown | March 22, 2024


Laura Brown

Episode 14 – Laura Brown | March 22, 2024

In this episode of the Motor Dream Podcast, the focus is on the competitive world of the Australian Superbike Championship's Supersport 300 class, known for nurturing rising talents within the motorcycle racing community. The narrative delves into the story of Laura Brown, a standout figure in the racing scene who transitioned from a successful career in ballroom dancing to pursuing her passion for motorcycle racing in her thirties.

Despite facing initial setbacks and injuries, Brown's determination and skill led her to notable achievements in the Supersport 300 category, including becoming the fastest woman on a Supersport 300 bike at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. Her journey, guided by the mentorship of FIM Enduro World Champion champion Warwick Noland, showcases her resilience and unwavering commitment to the sport.

Not afraid to push the boundaries of herself and the machine beneath her, Brown is keen to pursue overseas aspirations to participate in the FIM Women’s Road Racing World Championship and compete against the global elite in the near future.

Through her engaging conversation with host Conor McNally, listeners gain insights into Brown's dual identity as both a competitive racer and a dedicated veterinarian, highlighting her multifaceted passions and the vibrant world of motorcycle racing that fuels her dreams and ambitions.