Episode 19 – India Patten | May 31, 2024

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Episode 19 – India Patten | May 31, 2024


India Patten

Episode 19 – India Patten | May 31, 2024

In episode 19, we welcome Australian actress India Patten as a guest to the Motor Dream Podcast. She spent 12 years of her career abroad in Hollywood, where actors and actresses are celebrated for not only their on-screen performances, but also the subculture of car enthusiasts that exist amongst the acting fraternity. Despite the glitz and glamour, the reality for many aspiring actors is a tough and competitive landscape. Many find themselves taking on regular jobs to make ends meet while pursuing their dreams. However, Patten took a unique path to make a mark in Hollywood. While chasing her acting aspirations, she also became a brand ambassador for BMW, blending her passion for cars with her Hollywood journey.

Hailing from Leeton, NSW, Patten's background in ballet paved the way for her to step onto the Hollywood stage in 2007. Over the years, she secured notable roles in various productions, showcasing her talent in both acting and voice work. Unexpectedly, an introduction to a BMW executive through a friend led Patten to embrace her love for automobiles on a whole new level. As a brand ambassador for BMW, she not only had the freedom to continue pursuing her acting career but also enjoyed the thrill of driving a wide array of vehicles under the BMW umbrella. 

Now back in Australia post the COVID-induced hiatus, Patten continues to balance her acting pursuits with a new venture in speech pathology, drawing from her diverse experiences as an actress and ambassador to forge a path forward. Despite her evolving career, her passion for cars remains unwavering, ready to represent BMW whenever the call beckons.

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